Sea of Bees is the musical project of Julie Ann Bee, or Jules as everyone calls her. She sings, writes the songs, and plays lots of musical instruments.
"If I had to sum her up in a sentence, she's sort of a female Sparklehorse. Her music is rooted very much in folk and rock but wildly experimental; some crazy, beautiful, wonderful sounds on her new album "Songs for the Ravens." On my top 10 for the year." -Robin Hilton, NPR radio host

"An unrelenting sense of wide-eyed beauty. The album ends up sounding like some sort of collision between Elliot Smith and The Mamas and the Papas. A talent for elegant, cathartic songwriting. Build a Boat to the Sun is completely endearing.” The 405

"I'm not entirely sure why I love this album so much... ...That which I cannot put my finger on, is the mysterious, wonderful, and addictive qualities of this album as a whole. Bravo to Jules and her Sea of Bees." -Jason Lytle (Grandaddy)

stretch on your tippy toes  

Where are you right words? They always disappear and hide in my knee caps and shake. Take action, just move, do what you believe is right for yourself for the people & animals around you. Come on Jules reach out while standing on the tippy toes. For the first time in a long while I can listen to music and not tare it apart to pieces.
I have been running and walking several miles a day in the evenings and I will put on my limited collection of music. Every melody and word is the wind on my back, even running up hills or against the wind... I feel able to move. Don't take it for granted Jules when the wind is on your back... but even the hills man will give you some muscles, embrace the shit. (Rub your face in it, yum)

mOVE don't stop

"Your were the first to sign my cast." -Breathe Owl Breathe

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