Sea of Bees is Jules Bee (Baenziger) M E. I'm just a humbled Trans-Man who has had some experiences and is still tumble-weeding around. Trying to make sense of things and not make sense through my music. I am based out of Sacramento, Ca and currently working on some sound right now. Learning to reach out again and touch the ones that make the world a more colourful and honest space.


If you want a Bio I don't think it will be here. 



Kat Gardiner, Sea Of Bees & Rose Droll

Green Apple Books, 1231 9th Avenue at Lincoln , San Francisco, CA 94122

This is a magical event for Kat Gardiner's new book coming out "Little Wonder." It is a collaboration of song and sound and reading.

Kat Gardiner discusses her new book from Father/Daughter Records, Little Wonder: A Micro-Fictionalized Account of Honest Failure. With musical performances by Sea of Bees and Rose Droll.

It is a free event, All welcome to come out if your in the bay, it will hit your spots.